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Colours Collaboration


clay pic
2001 SpiritWings


A lump of clay
Unformed as yet it lies upon the bench
Full of endless possibilities

About The Project

I started by thinking about how clay could be anything you wanted it to be, and wrote the words, I considered drawing a lump of clay with shadows of many different things that it could turn out to be, but then I started to think about people were malleable like clay.

I thought about how our lives were shaped by both our personalities and the experiences we were exposed too, how as a child that shaping was done mostly by others, but as an adult we could choose to take over and become the sculptor ourselves

So I chose to create a very simple image, a young child, the unformed lump of clay yet to be shaped. I scanned in a monochrome photo of my niece, applied the hot wax effect in paint shop pro twice, then added an extra white layer and adjusted the transparency to lighten the image.

2003 SpiritWings